INCAP 36″ Flexible IoT Monitor Solution

INCAP 36″ Flexible IoT Monitor Solution

INCAP 36″ Flexible IoT Monitor Solution

Click-in Lozier or Maddix endcap installation monitor integration solution with a vivid color 36″ HD display.



The INCAP Smart Retail IoT monitor product solution is specifically designed to fit on the endcap of a Lozier or Maddix retail fixture. It is prepared for store analytics with the optional integrated camera. The enclosure is prepared for invisible installation of an IoT computer from Gigabyte or an Intel NUC. The premium design will seamlessly blend into your retail environment without looking like another TV mounted as an afterthought. It gives your investment a high end look and feel.

All components used in the manufacturing of these units are specifically designed for durability and long continuous service in the demanding retail environment. Stable metal chassis and hardened protective glass that can withstand harsh alcohol based cleaners normally used in retail, keeping them looking great day after day.

The INCAP product is your best choice, if you want the most serviceable and upgradable retail displays available.


  • Click-in installation into an Lozier or Maddix retail fixture
  • Flexible IoT computer integration
  • Full HD LCD IPS Panel
  • Hardened and easy to clean protective glass
  • Durable and sturdy metal Enclosure
  • Designed for commercial grade (24/7 usage)
  • VESA mounting pattern


  • Custom RAL color and printed logo
  • Custom enclosures can be designed
  • Camera, Motion sensors, Printers, Bar code scanner, Card Readers, RFID and Blue Tooth etc.

Display Specifications

Diagonal Size (Inches) 36″
Visible Size (mm) x
Aspect  Ratio :
Resolution (pixels) x
Viewing angle L/R/D/U ///
Brightness (cd/m2)
Contrast (ratio) :

Unit Specifications

Unit size WxHxD (mm)
Unit Weight (kg)
Shipping size (mm)
Shipping weight (kg)
Mounting pattern (mm) Click in installation into a 3 foot Lozier or Maddix retail fixture
Unit certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Power certification CE, FCC, ROHS, UL